2018-2019 Board


Adult Social Events Coordinator

Advertising Manager
To advertise in the Westmorland Courier newsletters, contact Beth Erlandson) (608.833.4544)

Block Captain Coordinator
Brian Tennant (608.233.2482)

Combined Health Fund Drive
Richard Miller (608.238.2873)

Courier newsletter submissions to:
Beth Erlandson – Courier Editor (608.833.4544)

Database Manager
Eileen Hannigan (608.236.9840)

Garage Sale Coordinator
Libby Waller 

Greenspace Manager
Bonnie McMullin-Lawton (608.233.5109)

Health Lawn Team
Claire Gervais (608.233.8455)

History Committee Chair
Tom Martinelli (608.233.2850)

July 4th Event Coordinators
Dave Blouin (608.233.8455) / Camila Martin (608.320.1963)

New Neighbor Packets Coordinator
Becky Zastrow (608.235.9555)

Safety Committee Chair
Mike Bell (608.238.2223)

Santa Visits Coordinator
Sheilah Harrington (608.238.8023)

Walking Band Director
Julie Verban (608.233.4675)

Website Editor
Christopher Tall (608.234.0284)

Wine & Cheese Party Coordinator
Betsy Hauser (608.575.1962)