This history of Westmorland is rich in people, places, and events. This History page will help you get to know the history of Westmorland through articles, links, and information.

*** Take a look at the new Westmorland History page complete with archived Courier newsletters, photos, oral histories, and much more.  

How does Westmorland fit into the history of Madison? Check out this Timeline

Tom Martinelli (Chair of the Westmorland History Committee) has created a PDF slideshow of the history of the Westmorland neighborhood, from the glacier period (10,000 to 25,000 years ago), to the Indian camps (800 to 2,500 years ago), through the development of Westmorland during World War II, to the present day. The slideshow contains pictures and facts about Westmorland.

The Westmorland History Committee have completed their latest book “Voices of Westmorland: The Oral History of a Neighborhood”. This book and “Westmorland: A Great Place to Live, the History of a Neighborhood” are available for purchase at the Sequoya Branch Library and the Village Bar. The cost of each book is $10.00. Copies will be mailed to locations outside of Dane County for an additional $4.00 handling and postage charge. Contact Tom Martinelli (tmartinelli@tds.net) with mailing requests.

Remodeling or Remuddling?
Westmorland is made up of many housing styles. Some of the more common house styles include Cape Cod, Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival, International Style, Lustron, and Ranch. If you have question about how to remodel your home to best reflect one of these styles, take a look at this pamphlet, written by Jen Davel (Preservation Architect at the Wisconsin Historical Society). It can help you with any questions you may have on an up-coming remodeling project. The pamphlet helps you first determine your home’s architectural style., and then it walks you through the design decisions you can make, based on your home’s architectural style.