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4th of July in Westmorland

Westmorland Celebrates the 4th of July, Wisconsin State Journal, July 5, 1942

Westmorland 4th of July Parade, Wisconsin State Journal, July 5, 1952

YouTube video: Westmorland Neighborhood Celebrates the 75th Anniversary of 4th of July Event, July 4, 2016

Local CBS News Report

2020 Alternative 4th of July

Westmorland Golf Courses

Glenway Golf Course

Westmorland Golf Course

Westmorland Golf Course and Driving Field Ads, Capital Times, May 27, 1931

Westmorland Golf Course advertisement, Wisconsin State Journal, May 28, 1931

Westmorland Golf Course Poster, Dec. 2012

Westmorland Grocery Stores – Sentry

and Kroger

Village Bar

Midvale Elementary School