The Westmorland Neighborhood Association was founded in 1941. Its founding members – about 140 households – paid 50 cents to join. We are the fourth oldest association in the city of Madison.

While its membership has quadrupled and many faces have changed, the Westmorland Neighborhood Association maintains much of its original purpose and focus. Early issues of the neighborhood newsletter contained articles about keeping the neighborhood safe and clean, strengthening the community through events and activities, support and developing Westmorland Park, and hosting a now-famous July 4th celebration.

Reading a current issue of the Westmorland Courier newsletter, one will likely find reports of activities in all of the same areas. Traffic calming and health-conscious lawn care are frequent topics, as are announcements of neighborhood events. Some events are relatively new; others have been happening annual for decades.

Many long-time residents of Madison – whether they grew up in Westmorland or in one of the neighboring communities – have fond memories of the July 4th celebrations. And for some residents, their grandchildren are now participating in the events that their children remember so fondly. The first July 4th event in 1941 was a picnic in a then vacant block near the intersection of Toepfer and Birch Avenues. Over the years, it moved to Westmorland Park and featured ponies, carnival rides, fireworks, live music, and recognition ceremonies for scholarship winners, long-time residents, and other local dignitaries. Old newsletters record attendance figures of more than 3,000.

Whether it’s July 4th, Santa visits, the efforts of our recently rejuvenated history committee, or projects related to our parks and green spaces, neighbors are informed of community news by the Courier newsletters, which are delivered six times a year, as well as by attending the annual meeting in March, subscribing to the Westmorland News email group, joining our Facebook Group, and checking this website for updates.

If any of these programs sound interesting to you, please help continue Westmorland’s traditions – or make new ones for future generations! Volunteers are always needed – whether you can make a one-hour commitment on a single day, help plan or organize an event, or step up to a leadership role on the Board. Even if you have just a few minutes a month, or an afternoon a year, your involvement will make a different in the kind of neighborhood Westmorland is and will continue to be.