Your 2023 Membership Registration Guide – How to Become a WNA Member

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new online membership registration system. Now immediately available to you all as part of our 2023 membership drive!

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Why the change?

While many of you have used our website in past years to become WNA members, the process had room for improvement. Members told us it was often confusing to complete, and volunteer organizers spent a lot of time in the backend trying to wrangle it all.

So, we began investing heavily this entire year to resolve all this, making it easier for you to support the WNA as members and easier for our volunteer organizers to support the community in return.

What’s new?

  • A shorter and simpler process: Fewer steps, clearer instructions, and an easier-to-navigate user interface aim that make the experience simpler and faster.
  • A mobile-friendly user interface: A mobile-friendly experience means you can now easily complete your membership on the go.
  • Secure credit card payments: We added credit cards as a new payment method, while still supporting PayPal too.
One piece of a bigger investment
Understand this new system is just one part of a larger investment delivering many other advantages like more exclusive member benefits, more advanced content management, easier renewals, and much more!

Our new three step process

Ready to become a WNA member? See the instructions below. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Create an account

Create a user account. You can do this by either selecting Sign up from the menu at the top of any page (including this one ?).

What if I already have an account?
All accounts from prior years are now obsolete because we have migrated to a new, more advanced membership management system.

If you have not created a new account since last year, please go ahead and do so now using the method pictured below!

Complete the user registration form. You know the drill. Provide your name, email, phone, etc. to complete the form and click Submit to create your account.

Lastly, confirm your email address. Look for an email with the subject Email verification at Westmorland Neighborhood. Click the link within.

Congratulations! The first step is complete. You are an active user. Now, let’s become a member.

What if you don't see the email?
Please be sure to check your spam. Again, the subject should be Email Verification at Westmorland Neighborhood. Reach out to us if you continue to experience issues.

2. Register your household

Find the membership form. Log in to the website (see Sign in above) and select Become a member from the menu at the top of any page (including this one ?).

Add your household address. You should now see the membership form. Complete the first section by providing your address.

Add your household members. Next, add any adults and children to your household. To do this, provide their names and information in the forms and click add.

Next, select your membership directory preferences. Becoming a WNA member means getting access to our member directory. Choose (1) whether you’d like to opt-out of your household being listed in the directory and (2) whether you’d like a print version of the directory.

Print vs. online member directory
The print directory is traditionally issued every other year. However, an always up-to-date, digital version of the directory is available 24/7 online.

Lastly, add any activities you’re interested in. These activities include volunteer opportunities for adults and work opportunities for kids. Check the boxes to signal your household members’ interest in each activity.

Almost done! Select Continue to payment.

3. Select your membership level

Select the level that is right for you. On the next page, you’ll find three membership levels. Choose the one that’s right for you.

Understand that membership is the main source of revenue for all of WNA’s operations, services, and events. The more you support the more our volunteers can do for you and our community!

Select a payment method. Use your credit card by selecting Stripe. Or use PayPal. Then click Submit, and complete payment through your chosen method.

You membership is now complete. (Look for a receipt in your email.)

That’s it 🙂

On behalf of the Westmorland Neighborhood Association (WNA) and our team of volunteer organizers, thank you for your support!

Why Become a Member of the Westmorland Neighborhood Association?

Why become a Westmorland Neighborhood Association (WNA) member?

Here’s why: At the heart of the Westmorland experience is our vibrant neighborhood association. We pride ourselves on fostering community bonds and enhancing our neighborhood’s charm. Here’s where your generous donations make a world of difference:

Iconic Events: Revel in our memorable Make Music Madison, Garden Tours, July 4th Celebrations, Garage Sales, Golf Outings, Halloween Soirees, Santa’s Joyful Visits, Winter Playdates, the sophisticated Wine & Cheese gatherings, and future Easter egg hunts! Also added to the WNA programming is the Summer Nights @ Westmorland Concert Series! 

Community Communication: Stay informed with the renowned Westmorland Courier and our comprehensive neighborhood directory (provided only to members), while being a supporter of the ongoing costs of our WNA website, MailChimp email platform, and PO box for mail. 

Green Initiatives: Actively contribute to the preservation and enhancement of our greenspaces. The Greenspace Committee for Westmorland Neighborhood and Westmorland Park plays a pivotal role in maintaining the lush landscapes, organizing planting initiatives, and ensuring that our parks remain a sanctuary for residents and wildlife alike.

Neighborhood Development: Witness the magic your contributions bring to the Westmorland neighborhood. From hosting community forums to driving vital infrastructure upgrades and enhancing the Westmorland Park, we’re dedicated to elevating the quality of life in Westmorland. Experience firsthand the positive impact of your support at Westmorland Park – a cherished spot where countless memories are forged!

Preserving Our Legacy: Support the vital work of our History Committee. Since its inception in April 2002, the committee has been instrumental in highlighting our community’s rich history. Their early efforts included a comprehensive survey to gauge residents’ interest in historical projects. The feedback led to cherished initiatives like the historical articles in the Westmorland Courier — with an impressive 100+ consecutive articles published since November 2003. Furthermore, the committee has diligently archived historical materials since 2003, ensuring our neighborhood’s stories remain preserved for future generations. Your membership will champion these efforts and continue our neighborhood’s legacy. 

Westmorland Merch: Show your Westmorland pride! As a member, you’ll be automatically added to a raffle to win complimentary Westmorland merchandise. From T-shirts and mugs to stickers, these items are not only stylish but also great conversation starters! Your free merchandise will be based on your donation level.

By sharing your contact details, you’re not just giving us the means to communicate – you’re entrusting us with a bond. We promise to keep you updated about the latest events and pivotal news. And rest assured, your information remains confidential with us, never to be sold or shared.

The WNA is a force for good in Westmorland, and your membership will help us continue to make our neighborhood a better place to live, work, and raise a family. Every donation, especially larger ones, can make a significant impact. Together, we can ensure our beloved community continues to flourish.

Introducing the New Westmorland Event Calendar – Subscribe Today!

Dear Westmorland Neighborhood Residents,

We are excited to announce a new feature for you all as part of our continued efforts to strengthen the Westmorland community and keep everyone involved in the events around the neighborhood. You can easily add events to your personal calendar with just one click, making it easier than ever to stay involved and connected with our community. We recommend you subscribe to the entire events calendar.

By subscribing, you’ll receive:

  • Community Connection: Engage more deeply with your neighbors, contributing to the warm, friendly atmosphere that makes Westmorland so special.
  • Reminders: Never miss an event again with automatic reminders sent directly to your email.
  • Timely Updates: Be the first to know about new events and any changes to the schedule.

To subscribe, simply click the “subscribe to calendar” button at the bottom of the events page

Thank you for your ongoing involvement in our community. Here’s to a fun-filled summer in Westmorland!

Westmorland Neighborhood Association